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Inmates Calls During Delaware Prison Hostage Situation Reference President Trump

SMYRNA, De. (CBS) -- A hostage situation that unfolded Wednesday at the James T. Vaughn Correction Center in Smyrna, Delaware, resulting in the death of a prison worker, is being blamed on fear of President Donald Trump, an inmate claims in a phone call released to Eyewitness News.

According to officials, four correctional employees were taken hostage and two were eventually released. After 20 hours, a third employee was safely rescued, but a fourth was found unconscious and declared dead.

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The inmates made contact with the outside world and they were patched through to the News Journal. An excerpt of one of the calls was provided to Eyewitness News.

In the audio, a man is heard citing Trump while explaining the reasoning for the situation. "Donald Trump, everything that he did, all the things that he's doing now...We know that the institution's gonna change for the worse."

The calls also mentioned the need for education and rehabilitation. That call and others were turned over to police.

The situation unfolded around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday when a correctional officer made a radio call from within C Building at the James T. Vaughn Correction Center requesting immediate assistance.

The C building, which houses over 100 inmates, has since been secured.

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