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Health Care Workers Gear Up Ahead Of DNC: 'It's All Hands On Deck'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The health care community and emergency responders are gearing up for the Democratic National Convention.

The biggest health concern for the DNC is the hot weather expected next week. With lots of protesters on the streets, there's the risk for many becoming dehydrated. But medical professionals say they're ready for that and anything else.

From the emergency department at Jefferson Hospital, to the city's Emergency Operations Center, everything is in place to make sure any medical situations that come up during the DNC are well handled.

"It's all hands on deck," said Guy Barber, the director of Jeff STAT. "We are making sure our staff and teams are ready to contend with any additional needs that may come up."

Guy says there are plenty of supplies in Jefferson's Trauma Center but they are not alone.

Methodist has also geared up, being the closest hospital to the convention site.

In addition, there will be enhanced medical services at the Wells Fargo Center. Medical tents will be set up in the parking lot and across the street at FDA Park, where protesters will be assembled.

The tents will be similar to those that were set up for the Pope's visit.

"Coming off the papal visit we're at an advantage because we've never turned off," said Samantha Phillips, the Director of Emergency Management for the city.

Samantha says the operation center will coordinate medical responses with traditional phones and radios and more sophisticated computer programs.

For responders it's all about being able to quickly respond to everything from heart attacks to falls, food poisoning outbreaks and more.

"I think what's happening in the country is certainly of concern to have the police shootings we've seen and some of the protests that have gone sideways, it's certainly something that keeps everybody up at night," she said.

One of the biggest concerns is the expected heat and dehydration. Which responders like Samantha, say they are trying to mitigate by having misting tents and water available.

The misting tents and water will be mainly for protesters on Broad Street who are expected to be out in the heat for prolonged periods of time.

It's not just protesters, the heat next week could be a potential issue for everyone in Philadelphia for the convention.

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