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Haverford Township Police Department ups patrols at HS football game

Haverford police ups patrols at high school football game
Haverford police ups patrols at high school football game 02:21

HAVERTOWN, Pa. (CBS) -- It wasn't just football fans under the Friday Night Lights in Delaware County. Because of recent violence, the Haverford Township Police Department beefed up patrols at two locations, including a high school football game. 

Friday Night Lights at Haverford High School's football field looked a little bit different this week. Police confirmed they increased their presence at the game between Haverford and Garnet Valley.

"There's a lot going on," Sharon Sweitzer said.

The Sweitzers came to the game to support their daughter who's in the band and noticed more law enforcement.

"I think it's appropriate. I think it's unfortunate," Sweitzer said, "but it's the time. I feel better with the increased security."

CBS Philadelphia found some officers patrolling on bicycles and a police vehicle parked in front of the ticket gate.

"Police presence will hopefully keep people on the good side of things," Ed McCallion said.

Haverford police says the uptick in officers here isn't due to one specific incident but a culmination of events, including the shooting death of a teen football player in Roxborough on Tuesday and a series of incidents involving a group of kids who have recently been attacking other kids at random in Havertown.

CBS Philadelphia reported on a viral video earlier this week that showed nearly a dozen teens swarming a single victim and unleashing a beating. Police said Friday a 15-year-old boy is facing charges, adding more of those involved will face consequences.

"Arrests are being made," Elena Wiseley said.

Wiseley organized a group of concerned parents who rallied for peace outside the Skatium Friday night, where there was also a larger police presence.

"Our kids are not going to be terrorized, they won't be victims," Wiseley said. "Towns are safe when people care and Haverford cares."

The group of concerned parents also say they basically patrolled some streets themselves, making sure people got home safely after the football game.

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