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With Gun Violence Plaguing Philadelphia, Some Parents, Children Opting To Stay Home This Halloween

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Some say that certain Philadelphia neighborhoods may be too scary or too dangerous for trick-or-treating. Some parents are turning to alternatives to reduce the risk of violence.

A lot of parents are opting to stay in this year for Halloween and it's not because of the forecast.

Those who do plan to venture out say they will be sticking to safer areas where their kids most likely won't be subjected to gun violence.

It's not your traditional trick-or-treating, but it's still all in the spirit of Halloween. Philadelphia police were in West Philadelphia Tuesday, handing out candy to kids, just days before Halloween.

"Just trying to spread a little Halloween fun and good cheer with kids in the neighborhood," Acting Philadelphia Police Commissioner Christine Coulter said.

Around this time last year, police were responding to a shooting that sent two trick-or-treaters to the hospital.

"When someone has a gun in their hand and they have evil intentions, you know you can't be everywhere in every minute so we're trying to have that visible presence. We're trying to let folks know that hey, we're out here to keep everyone safe," Coulter said.

Because of the gun violence in Philadelphia, some are choosing to keep their kids home this year or come out to events like this. Others say they're being very selective in the neighborhoods they choose.

"We're not going nowhere far. Two blocks, that's it," Southwest Philadelphia resident Shakira McCafferty said.

"I live in a little rough part of town. I feel like maybe I want to go to a neighborhood that's not as rough so I can feel safer," West Philadelphia resident Tiffany Brooks said.

Parents at a trunk-or-treat event at St. Pio's Wednesday say they'll be taking precautions.

"You do the streets you know, the people you know," South Philadelphia resident Tommy Howlett said.

Police advise families to trick-or-treat where they feel comfortable and to stay safe.

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