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Grind Continues At Lehigh For The Eagles

By Ed Benkin

LEHIGH, PA (CBS) - Saturday was the fourth of six straight days of workouts for the Eagles.

It is considered to be the toughest stretch of training camp and Running Back LeSean McCoy says he and his teammates have to continue to deal with the demanding practices.

"We've just got to keep working," said McCoy. "It's been tough. This is by far the hardest camp since I've been an Eagle. All we can do is keep working and getting better."

The players believe a tougher training camp will make them better for the regular season. Defensive Coordinator Juan Castillo also feels he team has bonded together as they battle through the grind of training camp.

"They all know each other," Castillo said. "They're having a good time. They are battling and competing, but you should see them in the dorms at night. They hang out and they know each other."

For players such as Nnamdi Asomugha, this year's camp has been much easier than the one in 2011. Asomugha came to the Eagles as a free agent last summer and had little time to prepare for the season.

"Comparing training camps is not fair," said Asomugha. "Going through last training camp, there were a million things to think about. Everybody's calmer. I'm calmer and much more confident with the things that I'm doing."

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