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Grammy Winner is a Homegrown Celebrity, Working In a Montco Supermarket

By Michelle Durham

CHELTENHAM, Pa. (CBS) -- One Grammy winner last week is now back at work at his "day job" -- working in a Shop Rite supermarket in Cheltenham, Montgomery County.

Kevin Mackie was in California last week to pick up a Grammy award.  His "All About Bullies, Big and Small" won as best children's album of the year.

His regular job is as dairy manager at Brown's Shop Rite in Cheltenham, but in his "off" time he teams up with several other local producers to create children's albums.

He says winning a Grammy was a very special moment for him.

"Before that I was having an anxiety attack, doing deep breathing," he recalls.  "But when they announced it, oddly enough, all that panic went away."

Mackie and the other producers won't make any money from this album -- all proceeds go to benefit an organization that works to prevent bullying.

"The first minute we found out he won the Grammy, everybody was on Facebook, YouTube, texting him, so we're all really proud," says Ali, Kevin's store manager.

"When he first won I texted him to say 'congratulations,' " notes his Shop Rite co-worker Rodney, "and when he called I was one of the first... I was, like, 'Yes!' "

As a musician, Mackie says he just wants to create albums that send a positive message in a fun way.  As a dairy manager, he says, he won't be happy unless his department is neat and fully stocked!



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