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Dogs Displaced From Irma, Harvey Up For Adoption In Gloucester County

GLOUCESTER COUNTY, N.J. (CBS) -- Dogs displaced from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are up for adoption in Gloucester County.

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The Gloucester County Animal Shelter says eight dogs displaced from a shelter in South Carolina are now ready for adoption. The dogs arrived Saturday night.

"We were in the fortunate position of having shelter room for dogs and we have a list of people who are looking to adopt," said Freeholder Director Robert Damminger. "These dogs will find happy homes in Gloucester County."

Due to Irma, shelters in South Carolina moved many of their adoptable dogs north so they could take in more canines from Florida.

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The Gloucester County Animal Shelter has three dogs from Florida and four from South Carolina due to Irma, and one from Texas because of Harvey.

"The Gloucester County Animal Shelter staff went above and beyond to retrieve these dogs who have come here from Texas, South Carolina and Florida," said Freeholder Dan Christy. "The animal shelter community is full of caring people who will work tirelessly to help find animals homes and we are happy these dogs will call Gloucester County their new home."

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A list of the hurricane dogs up for adoption is below:

Sadie - Lab hound mix 1-year-old Female white and tan from South Carolina

Stacy – Lab mix 2-year old spayed female Brown and white from South Carolina

Wiley – Basset Hound mix 1-year old Neutered male Brown and tan from South Carolina

Ruckles – Lab mix 6 year old neutered male Black from South Carolina

Holly – American Staff Terrier mix 3-year-old spayed female brown and white from Florida

Wrangler – Hound mix 1-year old neutered male tan and black from Florida

Dexter – Jack Russell Terrier mix 4-year-old neutered male tan and white from Florida

Bobby McGee – Pointer Mix 2 year old Neutered male white and brown ticking and spots from Texas.

Visit the Gloucester County Animal Shelter's website for more on how to adopt these dogs.

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