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George Floyd Mural In Philadelphia Vandalized With White Nationalist Graffiti

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Philadelphia police are investigating after a mural of George Floyd in Olney was defaced with white nationalist graffiti.

"Aside from making us angry and pissed off, to be quite frank it has done nothing but further strengthen our resolve," City Councilmember Cherelle Parker said.

A George Floyd mural depicting a symbol of hope in the Olney neighborhood of Philadelphia was defaced sometime Thursday evening or early Friday morning.

"The racism that was in the heart of a man like a Derek Chauvin, this heinous act right here affirms that there are many others who agree with his sentiments," Parker said.

The mural sits on the corner of North 5th Street and West Olney Avenue.

The words spray-painted on the newspaper stand is an American nationalist group associated with white supremacy.

"They do it in cowardice ways. I don't know if they had on hoods when they came into the Olney community to spray-paint these expressions and symbols of white nationalism and white supremacy," Parker said.

Councilwoman Parker isn't the only one furious about this act. Eyewitness News spoke with other outraged residents who call Olney home.

"America was racist from the beginning, and this is just a sign. This is our neighborhood. Somebody came when we were sleeping and did this. I was pissed this morning when I seen this," resident Rodney Thomas said.

We're told this mural was started last year once the world witnessed the murder of Floyd on cell phone video. It was just finished this fall.

"It's sad. It's disheartening, it's very upsetting to see the hard work of a community artist be completely disrespected and disregarded," said Stephanie Michel with the North 5th Street Revitalization Project.

Northwest Detectives are investigating. There were multiple surveillance cameras in the area, but police say there is no video at this time.

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