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From Lemonade Stand To Dillonade's Franchise, A Philly Black-Owned Success Story

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - A Black mother-and-son team is behind a drink sensation in Philadelphia. It's the freshly squeezed, fruit-infused Dillionade's and the company is Black-owned.

The small lemonade company started in the heart of North Philadelphia with just the owner, Tiffany Green.  

"I actually started with cups with lids, and then we went into a bottle," Green said.  

But today, Dillonade's can be found in major grocery stores like ShopRite. Dillionade's currently produces more than 14,000 bottles of lemonade a month but at the heart of it all is Green's son Dillion, the real face of it all.

"I got the face," Dillon said.

Tiffany's lemonade was her side hustle for many years, then she stopped. It was rebirthed during the pandemic because of Dillon.

"This is a business I want to be passed down from this family to another family for generations," Green said.

From fancy promotions to pop-up shops and sold-out shelves.

"We actually started off as one shelf and were selling about 40 a week, now we are at 100-plus a week," Green said. "It's a hit right now."

Wiz Cafe owner Thomas Montgomery says it's a win-win between both Black-owned businesses.

"It means a lot when other businesses support us," Montgomery said. "If they don't support us we won't grow." 

Innovation and labor of love, a mom passing down the torch to her baby boy.

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