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Free Shore House: This North Wildwood Home Could Be Yours, But There's A Big Catch

NORTH WILDWOOD, N.J. (CBS) -- A Cape May County family is giving away a shore home for free. The house is on East 22nd Avenue in North Wildwood.

But if all goes as hoped, the house won't be there long.

Welcome to North Wildwood where nestled in the middle of the block, a cozy four-bedroom A-frame beach cottage can be yours.

Its interior is impeccably maintained with attention to detail in every nook and cranny.

The house boasts four bedrooms and one single bathroom -- and there's the problem.

"We only had one bathroom. How we survived with all those people having a place to sleep and with only one bathroom? I will never know," homeowner Andrea Valentino said.

Valentino and her extended family have cherished summertime memories at the home for close to a century. North Wildwood is in their blood.

"We need more space," she said.

And there is the great struggle for this family: Stay cramped in this cottage or build bigger, with the house possibly meeting a wrecking ball.

"That house means too much to me to just demolish," Valentino said.

So in this market, the house is really affordable.

"I'm giving the house away. The house is up for grabs," Valentino said.

Here's the catch — while it's free, whoever the new owner could be will have to move the house and get it out of here.

"See if there is any interest in someone raising the house and moving it to an existing lot, because it still has, in my estimation, generations more life in it," Valentino said.

That undertaking of moving a house is not so affordable. Estimates CBS3 found could be staggering depending on distance and location.

Recently, the story was profiled in Wildwood Sun Magazine and the news went wild.

Valentino is looking to gift her space of a lifetime of memories to the right shore-loving family as she says it's the house that set the standard for her family.

"If the walls could talk, the stories they could tell from everything they could tell that went on within those walls for the past eight years within our family," she said.

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