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Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell Promoting President Biden's Spending Plan To Shore Up US Infrastructure

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell is promoting President Joe Biden's spending plan to shore up the country's infrastructure. It is expected to create jobs while improving the country's roads and bridges.

Rendell spoke to CBS3 about the expected local benefits of the president's plan.

ed rendell
Credit: CBS3

"The state budget for bridge repair is minuscule compared to the needs and this will give us a shot in the arm," Rendell said. "We'll be able to repair most deteriorating bridges, that's one. Number two, it will double the federal subsidy for mass transit."

Reactions to the bill are mixed in Pennsylvania, which showcases bipartisanship in the commonwealth.

Leading Republicans, like Sen. Pat Toomey, are against the plan.

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