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Former Eagle Hank Fraley Speaks About The Firing Of Juan Castillo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – With the firing of Juan Castillo, many Eagles fans are abuzz. But what do the players have to say? Former Eagle Hank Fraley stopped by the WIP Morning Show on Wednesday to share his opinion.

When Fraley was asked what his reaction was to Castillo being fired, he said, "I was actually shocked. I know the Eagles haven't been playing well as a team, being 3-3, but I was pretty close with Juan [Castillo]. He's really developed the player that I became, and I have a lot of respect for him. I was just really, just shocked and just concerned for him, just because I do care about Juan and just the Eagles in general---I still have a big heart for them. I got to play there for six years. I actually reached out to Juan and had a great conversation with him."

As for Castillo's apology to fans and the city of Philadelphia and what he thought of it, Fraley had this to say:

"That's the type of person he is. Juan Castillo has just got a big heart and he really cares. People that don't realize it, he puts his heart, time, effort in there. That's his family, the city of Philadelphia, the Eagles. Besides his family, that's his second family, and he really cares about what he's doing. He just loves the city and he loves what he's doing. He's just trying to always be his best, and when he was a line coach, I thought he was the best line coach out there in the NFL, and when he switched to d-coordinator I figured he would be able to get it and be great at it. They just didn't get the job done."

Finally, Fraley reiterated that he thinks Castillo was a great coach.

"For myself, personally, and I think the offensive line, he just worked hard. He was going to have you prepared, ready, he was studying film. He was definitely going to have you ready. And then, as a player, you got to go out there and perform for him. He can only get you ready and have the keys for you, have the game plan for you, what's going about. But as a player, you have to go out and execute. Coaches can't go out there and play for you," Fraley said.

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