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Flags Of 19 More Countries Added To Ben Franklin Parkway

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Until today, the Benjamin Franklin Parkway boasted the flags of 90 nations.

Now, 19 additional countries are being recognized with installation of their flags along the Parkway, bringing the total to 109.

At Friday's event, many immigrants -- some in native costume -- celebrated by waving flags of their homelands.

Suzanne Biemiller, director of policy for the City of Philadelphia, says the flags are in predominantly alphabetical order and placement of the new flags shifted many of them.

"Because of the addition of Angola, we had to start the reordering with the A's and go all the way to the end of the alphabet," she said.

Are there some exceptions?

"Israel is still located next to the Holocaust memorial. Vatican City, Italy, and Poland remain next to the Basilica (of Saints Peter and Paul)."

Lonbo Solomon, from Angola, says he's excited to finally be able to point out his home country's flag.

"Yeah!  Just go by the ABC's!  Angola's the first flag.  I appreciate Philadelphia!"

Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter (third from left above, holding Bangladeshi flag) says the flags are a source of pride for the city.

"This is a city that was built by immigrants," he said Friday.

Reported by Hadas Kuznits, KYW Newsradio 1060.

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