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'Fireflies' Let You See The Parkway In A Whole New Light

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - A new kind of artwork will brighten the Benjamin Franklin Parkway for the next four weekends. And it's not the kind of art you just simply observe.

They're called "Fireflies."

"This project consists of 27 pedicabs that are adorned with 900 lanterns that were handmade in China," explains Penny Balkin Bach with the Association for Public Art in Philly. "The lanterns are not traditional lanterns. Some of them are emojis, some of them are ice cream cones. There are lots of different kinds of images."

An operator then rides the illuminated pedicabs around.

"They are jittery and jangly and really quite a sight to behold," Balkin Bach adds. "Seeing them at night, they're so magical looking."

Thousands filled the Parkway Thursday night for the grand opening ceremony. The "Fireflies" moved in synchronized formation, glowing in the night sky, impressing the crowds.

Beginning Friday night, you can see the "Fireflies" for yourself on the Parkway from 6-10pm Thursday to Sunday nights until October 8th. Or you can hop in one...

"People who are riding will have a whole new view of the Parkway," says Balkin Bach.

The one-way rides are free. You can get in at either 18th or 24th Street and the Parkway as a walk-up. You can also reserve a ride online.

"Fireflies" is part of the Parkway's 100th anniversary celebration.

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