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Feds Wiretapped Union Boss John Dougherty; Mayor Kenney Recorded

By David Spunt and Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)--Mayor Jim Kenney confirmed Tuesday that he recently received a letter from the federal government, notifying him that he was picked up on a wiretap of Local 98 union boss John Dougherty.

FBI agents raided Dougherty's South Philadelphia home last August, but the investigation has been out of the public eye.

Other people who were picked up on Dougherty's wiretap were also notified by letter.

"It's a standard pro forma," Kenney said.

Kenney spoke to Eyewitness News following the announcement of new programs aimed at putting women and minorities to work in the building trades industry. Kenney said he's not concerned about his recorded conversations with Dougherty.

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"Maybe I was a little profane here or there but it's nothing that I'm worried about from a legal perspective," Kenney said.

Philadelphia Councilman Bobby Henon is also under investigation. He was at the Tuesday announcement at Philadelphia City Hall, but he left a few minutes early. In the hallway Henon said he had no comment.

Dougherty was not present.  Spokesman Frank Keel said he's with his wife who is ill.

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Keel says the letter is standard procedure and Dougherty is not worried about FBI investigators.

"They can listen all they want. You know what they're going to hear on the conversations? They're going to hear about the new diversity program that building trades is part of. They're going to hear about the tens of thousands of toys and turkeys the union donates every Christmas," Keel said.

The FBI declined comment on this case, citing an ongoing investigation.

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