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FBI Joins The Hunt On Day 4 Of Search For Missing College Student

By Dan Wing

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - With another day in the books and still no sign of 21-year old Shane Montgomery, the FBI says they're going to get involved with the search.

Supervisory Special Agent J.J. Klaver says it's not uncommon for the FBI's Violent Crime Task Force to get involved when someone mysteriously disappears, and that it doesn't mean that a violent crime occured.

What it does mean is that detectives already working the case are about to get some major reinforcements. But even with the extra manpower, Klaver says finding Shane won't be easy:

"It's a real challenge. Looking for video from surveillance cameras. Trying to determine from the missing the person's cell phone where they were last using the phone. Interviewing as many people as we can."

Klaver says another hurdle is finding witnesses who don't know they're witnesses:

"People may not realize they have pertinent information. That's always a challenge."

But Klaver is hopeful that the added resources the FBI is bringing will help lead authorities to Shane Montgomery, who was last seen after going out with friends Thanksgiving Eve. Shane got kicked out of Kildaire's Irish Pub in Manayunk early Thursday morning for bumping into a bar stool and nobody has seen him since.

Police have been searching for Shane since he went missing, and hundreds of volunteers in Manayunk also did what they can to help with the search.

The family has also increased the reward for information leading to Shane to $15,000.

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