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EXCLUSIVE: Off-Duty Philadelphia Officer, Sister Caught In Crossfire

By Elizabeth Hur

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It's an Eyewitness News Exclusive: A police officer driving through a Philadelphia neighborhood with family gets caught in the crossfire of gun violence.

Eyewitness News shot exclusive video of what police call a "near miss": a hole on the fender of a sedan. Police told us that's where a bullet pierced through the fender, missing the woman sitting in the passenger seat by about a foot.

"I was petrified; I was scared. Thank God we're both safe," the victim said.

In an interview, the woman recounted the close call but asked that we didn't reveal her identity.

"We were just having normal conversation, and I heard gun shots, I just ducked."

Chief Inspector Scott Small said, "We know that four or five shots were fired, but no casings were found, possibly because a revolver was used."

According to police, the woman is the sister of a Philadelphia police officer assigned to the 35th District. The officer was driving the car heading north in the 3000 block of Frankford Avenue Thursday evening. At the time, we're told the officer was off-duty in his personal car when gunshots rang out and the two literally dodged a bullet.

Chief Small explained, "We're fortunate no stray bullet hit anyone who was walking on the street, but it just so happens an officer driving by got caught in the crossfire. He saw the victim get shot and collapse. He said the victim was on a bike, however he was not able to see the shooter."

The 19-year-old victim of the shooting, police say, was hit once in the neck and rushed to the hospital. It happened in the middle of a busy intersection, leaving police and eyewitnesses appalled and saddened over how anyone can be so reckless.

The officer's sister said, "It's horrible, lot of kids out, and they can't even come out and play because they have to worry about stuff like that."

Police thanked the off-duty officer for his rapid response. They were able to quickly transport the victim to the hospital, and as a result, the 19-year-old is expected to survive.

As of Thursday night, the motive behind the shooting remained under investigation, and the shooter remained at large.

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