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Ex-Philadelphia Police Officer Charged With Participating In Scheme To Extort Money, Drugs From Dealers

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A former Philadelphia cop is charged with participating in a scheme to extort drugs and money from drug dealers and drug buyers while working as a Philadelphia Police officer.

According to the indictment, Christopher Saravello, 37, conspired with others to rob the dealers and buyers of cash and Oxycontin as well as other controlled substances between Nov. 2011 and June 2012.

Saravello's co-conspirators would allegedly alert him to a drug transaction, which Saravello would then interrupt. At that point, he'd identify himself as a police officer by approaching the interaction in a marked police car, wearing his uniform, and display an official badge or ID or verbally ID himself as a police officer.

Saravello would then reportedly seize the drugs being sold or the money paid by the drug buyer and share the stolen items with his co-conspirators.

The alleged conspiracy resulted in more than $9,800 in drug money as well as quantities of Oxycontin and other narcotics.

Saravello was arrested on Nov. 5, 2014 and charged with one count of conspiracy to commit Hobbs Act extortion and five counts of Hobbs Act extortion.

If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of 120 years in prison, a $1.25 million fine, three years of supervised release and a $600 special assessment.

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