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Dover Police Officer Becoming Viral Sensation After Dashcam Video Captures Him Rocking Out To Taylor Swift

By Syma Chowdhry

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Taylor Swift … watch out!

There a police officer that is stealing your thunder.

Master Corporal Jeff Davis from the Dover Police Department is the star of this Dash Cam video.

He says, "The new found fame is a little much, but it's fun."

The police department wanted to make a funny video to show their Facebook followers that officers have a lighter side.

"Just show we are human and to put a little light on everything that's been going on in the news."

Davis was perfect for the video.

"I was the class clown in high school. I was the class clown in the police department."

Davis' 10-year-old daughter is a Taylor Swift fan.

"She is the reason that I knew all the words to the song, that's for sure."

The video has been viewed 18 million times, even by Taylor Swift, who tweeted "LOL-OLOLOL THE SASS"

"Sass is good, sure, why not?"

Davis is seen taking his hands of the wheel while he is dancing, but he insists this staged video was shot in an empty parking lot.

"We started out in a big part of the parking lot and I drove on a road that no one drives on. It was 100 percent safe."

"We decided to take a ride with Davis to see what else he can sing and dance to in the car."

"Shoulders for sure. Neck is the big one, you want sass, you got to do the neck."

What about R&B?

"When you go slow like this, you can even wave like this, 'wassup.' We are stopped so I can even take my hands off the wheel."

He can bring it back old school.

"And we'll share tomorrow together…"

And a little pop rock…

"Everyone knows I am in over my head..."

He is in over his head now that can't shake off his new found fame.

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