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Deadliest Day For Teenage Drivers Just Around The Corner

By Mark Abrams

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - A review of teenage accident data conducted by the American Automobile Association found the worst day for deadly crashes is less than a month away.

AAA MidAtlantic's Jenny Robinson says a survey of crash data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration finds July 4th is the deadliest day for teens to be out on the roads.

"This is when teenagers are out of school, they're driving more, they're driving with less supervision, they're wanting to go places with their friends. Some of them are learning to drive over the summer because that's when they have the time to do it. So, all of those factors. The more teens are on the road, the more they put themselves at risk of crashes."

She says the group is urging parents to spend more time in the car with young drivers.

"It's a good time for you as a parent or guardian to teach your teen-agers how to drive and make sure they get the supervised practice that they need. And, you do need to have 65 hours now of supervised practice in Pennsylvania."

Robinson says parents can help teens reduce their risk by limiting the number of passengers, stopping unnecessary trips and restricting night driving.

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