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Data shows 2023 car thefts in Philadelphia have already surpassed 2019

Police searching for suspect who caused violent crash involving SEPTA bus in Lawndale
Police searching for suspect who caused violent crash involving SEPTA bus in Lawndale 01:56

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Police are searching for the driver of a stolen car that caused a violent three-car crash in Northeast Philadelphia. 

Part of it was captured on camera. 

"It's crazy!" a man said. 

Security video shows a SEPTA bus traveling along Rising Sun Avenue in Lawndale early Thursday morning when police say on the other side of the bus, a stolen car crashed into a minivan that hit the SEPTA bus.

The bus then slammed right through a PNC bank.


"A reckless person, just don't have no remorse for life," a man said.  

The damage on the minivan's passenger side shows the impact from getting struck by that stolen car.


"I think the whole city is going bananas," a man said. 

Car thefts are keeping Philly Police busy. 

More than 6,900 cars have been stolen in Philly so far this year, according to Philly police data. 

That means on average, officers are called to nearly 60 stolen cars every day in the city.  

Matt Petrillo: "What do you make of that?"

Roosevelt Williamson: "I hope it doesn't ever happen to me. I really don't. But it's happening all over. All over." 

Williamson went to the PNC bank to make a withdrawal. 

"I'm looking and I thought they were rebuilding, doing the front over," Williamson said.

Williamson said he's going to have to start going to another bank. 

Data also shows car thefts have been surging in the city for years. 


In fact, there have been more stolen cars this year than all of 2019. 

"I just think crime is getting worse in this city every year, it's getting worse. I don't know what's going on but it's scary," John Naulty said. 

As crews continue to make repairs to PNC bank, officers are searching for the driver of the stolen car that caused this violent chain reaction. 

Police say he left the scene after stealing another car. He also had a passenger who's now in critical condition. 

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