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Commissioner Ramsey Confirms Cop Corruption Probe

By Mike Dougherty

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Seven Philadelphia narcotics officers have been relieved of their duties as part of a federal corruption investigation. One officer is in federal custody.

Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey announced Friday that five more officers were removed from the street as part of the investigation. Two others were removed months ago, and this is the first time he publically commented on the probe.

"This is a joint FBI, Philadelphia Police Internal Affairs investigation that's taking place," Ramsey said. "I can't get into a lot of detail. There is a federal grand jury involved in this, so I can't give a lot of information."

Ramsey said one of the officers previously removed has been in federal custody for a few months. The five cops who turned in their badges and guns this week have been assigned to desk duty.

He would not release their names and he refused to answer questions about the allegations against the officers.

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