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Comcast Expands WiFi Access At SEPTA Regional Rail Stations To Help Commuters

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- There is a silver lining to your longer than usual wait at SEPTA Regional Rail stations. Riders will be able to go online for free.

Comcast announced it will allow access to its XFINITY WiFi hotspots to everyone at regional rail stations, not just Comcast customers as long as SEPTA is operating on the modified schedule.

"With the extended wait that some commuters are facing, we decided to open access so that everyone can use them to stay connected and productive while they're waiting," said Comcast's Jennifer Bilotta. "If they need to get online to do some work, if they want to call an Uber, make a reservation, they can do all of those things faster and easier."

The hotspots are usually open only to Comcast subscribers, or non-subscribers willing to pay a fee.

The expanded access will end when all SEPTA cars are back in service and the schedule is back to normal.

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