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Columnist: Trump Should Fire Robert Mueller

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Conservative columnist Kurt Schlichter thinks Donald Trump should fire special counsel Robert Mueller, who investigating his campaign's ties to Russian interference in last year's election, telling Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that Mueller has demonstrated clear conflicts of interest.

"He absolutely should be fired, but I think the American people need to know why because most American people are fairly law and order types who get this and somehow believe that we operate under a rule of law instead of a rule of power. The president needs to make a case and the case is super clear. Number one, the lead investigator, 'Mr Integrity,' is the best friend of one of the lead accusers Jim Comey. That's improper. That's a huge conflict of interest that no one in the mainstream media seems to be interested in, but normal people would go, you know, it doesn't smell right. Second , Mueller manages to hire all these maxed out Hillary donors, doesn't seem to hire any Republicans and, to my knowledge, even though forty five percent of Americans voted for Donald Trump, seems to have not been able to find a single prosecutor who contributed to Donald Trump . Seems a little unfair to any normal person."

He also contends Mueller is not conducting his investigation fully above board.

"I look at his organization, it is unprofessional, it is leaking like a sieve for political purposes. These professional prosecutors are running to their pals at the New York Times and Washington Post, telling them details of the investigation every single day. Muller doesn't seem to be able to instill a culture of professionalism and integrity in his organization. This keeps happening, he does nothing, he seems to like it. That's wrong."

However, Schlichter disagreed with how Trump is treating his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, by repeatedly lashing out against him on Twitter for recusing himself from the Russia investigation.

"I can understand the President's frustration. I'm not sure it's super helpful at this time. I don't know who would get appointed, who would do something and get confirmed...He may very well [quit] and I'm not sure that's a great idea for the President. I'm not sure what the strategy there is but I would not do that."

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