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Gov. Christie Campaigns With Gov. Corbett In Wayne

By Mark Abrams

WAYNE, Pa., (CBS) -- With less than a month to the election, the GOP faithful rallied behind Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett late Thursday afternoon at Valley Forge Military Academy in Wayne.

Gov. Corbett pulled out the big gun -- a powerful friend from the state next door -- a man who's given him millions from the Republican Governor's Association for his campaign. And, Gov. Chris Christie did not disappoint the base going after Corbett's Democratic challenger Tom Wolf and a key issue – education funding.

"When he says that Gov. Corbett hasn't funded education in this state, it's a lie. It's an absolute lie. When he says that Gov. Corbett doesn't care about the kids in this state, it's a lie," Christie said.

Corbett, who is trailing in the polls with just over three weeks remaining until Election Day, is confident.

"In every one of the polls in my prior elections had me down, you know, and we won. And we're going to continue to win. We're going to win in November, then I'm going to help him get elected," Corbett said.

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