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CBS3 Pet Project: How Do You Know Which Cat At Animal Shelter Is Best For You?

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Pennsylvania SPCA participating in the BISSELL Pet Foundation, Empty the Shelters event. That means for $25, you can pick out the cat of your choice and take that cat home today from the Pennsylvania SPCA at 350 Erie Avenue.

Of course, the event is being done in a very safe way, so it's one family at a time going in to meet the cat.

If you are thinking of adding a cat to your household, animal advocate Carol Erickson joined Eyewitness News with some tips on how to find the cat that is best for you.

One of the reasons that cats or any animal is returned to a shelter is because of unmet expectations, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association.

You don't want that, you want to make an informed decision before you go and while you are there at the shelter taking a look at the pet you may be adopting.

Erickson mentioned something to remember before you adopt.

"Make sure you make an informed decision. Don't do it on impulse, the best thing to do is talk to our SPCA adoption counselors. They know the temperament of all the cats and you should know before you go what you want in a cat, what your lifestyle is. Just what your household is like. Would you want a lap cat, a standoff-ish cat, playful one, an older settled cat, young crazy kit in-ish feline. Think about do you kid as soon as do you have other pets? Are you a first-time cat owner? Are you gone a lot or maybe you're never got? The adoption counselors can help target the animal you'll be happiest with and they'll be happiest with you," Erickson said.

Cat personalities are as varied as our own remember that any pet you may have should be in on the decision. Choose a compassable cat with owner lifestyle that really works for you, current pet temperaments very important.

Watch the video to hear more from this week's segment.

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