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CBS3 Mysteries: Philadelphia left with just memories after son's July 2020 murder

CBS3 Mysteries: Who killed Ahmad Morales in July 2020?
CBS3 Mysteries: Who killed Ahmad Morales in July 2020? 03:08

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - A mother's memories of her son. That's all she has left. Ahmad Morales was shot and killed in Point Breeze two years ago. Philadelphia police are still working to make an arrest.

"He should be here, he should be here," Tamika Morales said.

Tamika keeps photos of her son Ahmad everywhere. The images of good memories, frozen in time.

Ahmad is no longer here.

"When you realize all you have is pictures, I don't have anything else," Tamika said. "That's why it's him."

He was shot at 24th and Oakford Streets in Point Breeze.

Tamika remembers that night vividly.

"A young lady that he was seeing at that time, she called me and just screaming on the phone," Tamika said. "She was like, 'Ahmad just got shot, come on down to University of Penn hospital, hurry up, hurry up.' She's screaming. I'm trying to gather my thoughts. I just got up and that's how that went. I tried my best to get to the hospital as soon as possible."

She did not make it in time to see her beloved son one more time.

Ahmad died on the way to the hospital.

Mom is left with good memories, but there is numbing pain.

"I want everybody to know how hurtful this is to me and my children and my family," she said. "How this has affected my life in such a way that I'm never going to be the same."

Ahmad was a good guy and the surveillance video of three shooters firing at him is extremely disturbing. 

The surveillance video comes from the cameras on the side of his house. It's excellent in quality. 

Police say the first shooter literally dances out the back of the SUV and starts opening fire.

Two more shooters are involved, the driver of that white SUV and the passenger in the front seat.

"I want to know why they would kill my son like that?" Tamika said. "Why would they run up on him, one person, an innocent person, nothing, just by himself, and ambush him like that?"

Losing a child to gun violence in Philadelphia, Tamika Morales says she's part of something.

"We're part of a club that I never wanted to sign up for. This is actually like a club," Tamika said. "This is like the worst club you could ever be in of grieving moms and dads. I have all these new friends because of the deaths of our sons."

If you have information on the July 3, 2020 homicide of Ahmad Morales, call 215-686-TIPS.

There is a reward.

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