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CBS News Philadelphia: Health Watch, Dec. 9-11

CBS News Philadelphia: Health Watch Dec. 9-11
CBS News Philadelphia: Health Watch Dec. 9-11 24:39

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- From how DNA helped identify Joseph Augustus Zarelli, who was once only known as "The Boy in The Box," to a revolutionary cancer treatment being tested on dogs and the continuing rough flu season, it was a busy week on Health Watch.

Here are five of the stories featured on this weekend's Health Watch.

How DNA helps investigators solve crimes

DNA is like a cellular fingerprint that identifies every cell in a person's body and their family history. In medicine, it's used to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions. For law enforcement, DNA is a high-tech tool that helps solves crimes.

Potential new cancer treatment for humans?

Dogs are paving the way for a potential new cancer treatment for human beings, and the revolutionary therapy is being tested in Philadelphia. It's being called a game changer that could eventually save lives, for pets and people. It's a joint research project between PennVet and Penn Medicine.

New drug appears to slow progression of Alzheimer's

Treatments for Alzheimer's disease have been difficult to find, and millions of families are desperate. While some are encouraged by a new drug, critics question whether the benefits are worth the risk.

Holiday season can be stressful for Americans, poll finds

A new poll from the American Psychiatric Association found that nearly a third of adults (31%) expect to feel stress this holiday season, which is up from last year. Here's how to cope.

Living donor gives part of liver, kidney to 2 strangers

Tens of thousands of people are on waiting lists for organ transplants. One very special donor Andrea Yochim is dedicated to saving lives and is a living organ donor times two.

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