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Holiday season can be stressful for Americans, poll finds

Poll shows 31% of adults expect to be stressed this holiday season
Poll shows 31% of adults expect to be stressed this holiday season 02:13

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- 'Tis the season for holiday stress. A new poll says a growing number of Americans are worried about economic issues.

Holiday festivities are back in full swing for many. It's the first time in several years people aren't overly concerned about COVID-19, but there are new worries about the holiday season.

The holidays are filled with cheer, but they can also come with a lot of stress.

A new poll from the American Psychiatric Association found that nearly a third of adults (31%) expect to feel stress this holiday season, which is up from last year.

"Stress can come with occasions that we really look forward to as well as things that we're dreading," Dr. Rebecca Weintraub Brendel, president of the American Psychiatric Association, said. "Having holidays that are going to come back in full swing that people are looking forward to is also leading them to be more stressed."

The top stresses are affording gifts (50%) and meals (39%) and finding and securing gifts (37%).

"Financially, it's a little tougher," Jessica Lokatza said. "Gifts are a lot more expensive."

Experts say gifting groups and potluck meals can help reduce costs.

"Look at which are the things that we feel obligated to do out of our relationships and our familial commitments, and which are the things that we're really, really looking forward to the rest of them," Weintraub said. "They might be optional and we could even say."

The poll also shows COVID-19 is not as big a worry this holiday season. People are less concerned about spreading or contracting the virus this year.

Rachel Garcia is embracing the season.

"That actually we get to get out and be around people and enjoy all the shopping and everything," Garcia said.

The new holiday poll also said parents are more likely to say they anticipate experiencing more stress this holiday season.

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