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Buzz Bissinger: 'Chip Kelly Is A Fraud'

By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Make no mistake, Buzz Bissinger does not like Chip Kelly and he isn't afraid to let us know.

After making dramatic changes to the roster this past Spring, Kelly and his new-look Eagles are off to an abysmal 1-3 start. Bissinger, an American Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author who has been critical of Kelly from the start, was in full "I told you so mode" on Tuesday morning.

"I don't like him because he's a fraud," Bissinger said of Kelly on Tuesday's Angelo Cataldi and the 94WIP Morning Show. "He's a fraud because he gets ordained by the media, even now they're too nice to him. He has no clue. No clue!"

Listen: Buzz Bissinger on the 94WIP Morning Show


"The media has been a bunch of complete candy-a----. This guy has not done anything," he continued. "I kept saying that and Rhea [Hughes] kept saying it. He did nothing, he did nothing at Oregon. They were good because he recruited a bunch of thugs from LA, who could not really make it academically. Many of them got in trouble. When was the last big game---when was the first big game Chip won? The first big game? Forget it. He didn't. He barely beat a top-20, he never won a National Championship, anytime he went against a good team that had some speed, he lost!

"The board of alumni at Oregon hate him. They think he ruined school, because of the guys he recruited."

Bissinger admitted it's a personality trait of Kelly's the grinds his gears most.

"It's his arrogance that I hate," Bissinger said. "It's his feeling that 'I don't need personnel, I don't need players, I just need my system. And if we don't win, it's because the players didn't execute my system.' Well that's BS.

"You know why they had that great first year [in 2013]? You know why? And this never happens in the NFL, they had not one injury on the offensive line. Not one."

Bissinger, who crushed the last Eagles' QB Nick Foles for being "timid" exactly one year ago, echoed similar sentiments in regards to Sam Bradford.

"When it's third or something, do you want Sam Bradford as your quarterback?" Bissinger asked. "Honestly, Nick Foles looks a hell of a lot better. Sam Bradford is the answer? He's scared back there."

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