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Author: Melding Of Gender Is A Mistake

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Author of the new book, Sex Scandal: The Drive To Abolish Male And Female, Ashley McGuire says society is confusing masculinity and femininity through series of mixed messages.

McGuire told Chris Stigall during an interview on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that she believes women are disadvantaged by the melding of traditional gender roles.


"What we're trying to do is either force uniformity or, essentially, denying that sex is even part of the picture at all. In my book, I argue that that's bad for society on a number of fronts, but particularly bad for women, who, I think, get the short end of the stick in that arrangement."

She alleges that some women are hypocritical, wanting to exploit gender in some ways, while ignoring them in others.

"We seem to want to have it both ways. Either sex matters a lot and we have something like the women's march, which we're supposed to all pay attention to. What is it that these women want? We're supposed to praise Hillary Clinton, possibly being the first female president or it doesn't matter at all, it's an arbitrary label assigned at birth and we shouldn't even be focusing on it and we should be teaching second graders that it's a fluid spectrum. So, which is it?"

McGuire stated the ideals of feminism need to be rethought and redrawn for the 21st Century.

"Feminism, sort of, lost its path. You've got less than one in five Americans who self-identify as a feminist. I think there are a lot of things to blame there but I think people who truly are interested in equality between the sexes, which, I think, most of us genuinely are, I think we have to rethink that and it has to start with understanding and accepting that there are things about us that are different, even in the modern day."

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