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Best-Selling Author Aimed To Inspire Philadelphia Students With His Life Story

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A best-selling author and successful businessman visited a Philadelphia high school to tell students about his inspiring life story.

"I am told that I'm dumb, ugly, broken, beyond repair, beyond possibly...specifically not a chance in the world," said business executive Steve Pemberton.

Pemberton published a best-selling memoir, "A Chance in the World," which was recently adapted into a major motion picture.

On Tuesday, he spoke with students at St. Joseph's Preparatory School about how his upbringing wasn't exactly picture perfect.

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Pemberton spoke about how he spent much of his childhood in foster care filled with abuse. He says learning was discouraged and would be frequently told he would not amount to anything.

He explained how he would go on to prove them all wrong. Pemberton said when he was young he would secretly read as much as he could and that lead to him getting a scholarship to college.

Senior Chris Ix, student council president at St. Joe's Prep, says the assembly was inspiring.

"Even though some one else tells you no, you have to know inside what you are capable of and sometimes have to prove them wrong," Chris said.

The movie "A Chance in the World" based on Pemberton's life story is set to hit theaters in May.

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