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Amtrak Investigates How Train Headed To NYC Ends Up In Bala Cynwyd

By Elizabeth Hur

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Amtrak wants to know how one of its trains took a wrong turn and got lost in the Philadelphia suburbs.

Worried and baffled were most travelers at 30th Street Station Tuesday night.

Mike Roberts of Coatesville said, "Wow, that's crazy. That's not professional at all. How could that happen?"

It sounds wild, but Amtrak officials confirm it did happen and what they can tell us so far is this: Amtrak Train 644 that left 30th Street Station for New York City accidentally ended up on the SEPTA tracks. The train actually traveled several miles before the mistake was finally caught and the train stopped at the Bala Cynwyd station.

Peter Menendez of Princeton, NJ said, "I think mistakes happen, I come from that industry and the utilities and it's hard to coordinate systems like that. I feel bad for those folks."

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It happened last Thursday and according to Amtrak, the 130 passengers on-board may have been inconvenienced, but everyone was safely brought back to Philly, put on a different train and taken to New York, this second time around, without incident.

Jennifer Wallace of Tampa, FL said, "Definitely they need to investigate. I don't think anybody should get fired but maybe disciplinary, definitely but they should look into it so it doesn't happen again, be more cautious than anything."

Steve Kulm, Amtrak's Media Relations Director released a statement which read in part: "An investigation was launched and the crew has been held out of work until they can be fully debriefed and additional training can be conducted."

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