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25 High-Paying Jobs That Cause The LEAST Stress

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)—Looking to make some cash without all the stress? We have 25 for you.

Business Insider has found 25 jobs that pay more than $70,000 a year with the lowest stress scores.

Business Insider says they combed through the Occupational Information Network (O*NET), a US Department of Labor database that compiles detailed information on hundreds of jobs.

O*NET rates the "stress tolerance" for each job on a scale from zero to 100.

Here are 25 jobs that could fit your lifestyle:


Stress tolerance: 70

Average annual salary: $77,420


Stress tolerance: 70

Average annual salary: $115,750

Art director

Stress tolerance: 69

Average annual salary: $101,990

Technical writers

Stress tolerance: 69

Average annual salary: $73,350

Computer hardware engineer

Stress tolerance: 67

Average annual salary: $114,970


Stress tolerance: 67

Average annual salary: $221,390


Stress tolerance: 66

Average annual salary: $83,440

Applications software developer

Stress tolerance: 65

Average annual salary: $102,160

Computer and information systems manager

Stress tolerance: 64

Average annual salary: $141,000


Stress tolerance: 64

Average annual salary: $110,560

Operations research analyst

Stress tolerance: 63

Average annual salary: $84,180

Law teacher (postsecondary)

Stress tolerance: 63

Average annual salary: $126,230

Geoscientist (except hydrologists and geographers)

Stress tolerance: 63

Average annual salary: $105,720


Stress tolerance: 62

Average annual salary: $110,220

Economics teacher (postsecondary)

Stress tolerance: 62

Average annual salary: Stress tolerance: 70


Stress tolerance: 61

Average annual salary: $118,500

Biomedical engineer

Stress tolerance: 61

Average annual salary: $91,230

Materials engineer

Stress tolerance: 61

Average annual salary: $94,690

Political scientist

Stress tolerance: 61

Average annual salary: $103,210

Agricultural engineer

Stress tolerance: 61

Average annual salary: $78,490


Stress tolerance: 59

Average annual salary: $84,440


Stress tolerance: 59

Average annual salary: $109,230


Stress tolerance: 58

Average annual salary: $74,920


Stress tolerance: 57

Average annual salary: $112,560

Materials scientist

Stress tolerance: 53

Average annual salary: $94,940


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