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Which Is Better: Real Or Artificial Christmas Tree?

NEW YORK (CBSNews) - Since 1992, there's been a more than 30 percent increase in households that buy artificial Christmas trees, according to the American Christmas Tree Association. This year, a million-dollar campaign is trying to convince customers to buy a real tree.

"I wouldn't give my wife fake roses on Valentine's Day. Why would you want to have an artificial Christmas tree in your house?" said John Wyckoff, a seventh-generation Christmas tree farmer.

The Christmas Tree Promotion Board's million-dollar social media campaign is fighting to preserve the tradition by encouraging Americans to "keep it real."

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In 2017, Americans bought more than 27 million real Christmas trees. And, according to Wyckoff, farmers have to plan for about seven to 10 years down the road because that's how long it takes to grow one of the holiday trees.

During the recession 10 years ago, farmers planted fewer trees. That means this year, supply is below demand, which has boosted business and prices.

There's a bit of a real or fake Christmas competition going on. About 80 percent of U.S. households put up artificial trees. Some opt for the plastic kind out of convenience, others because of allergies and cleanliness.


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