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Police officer shot in West New York, New Jersey

N.J. police officer injured in shooting, neighborhood on lockdown
N.J. police officer injured in shooting, neighborhood on lockdown 02:25

WEST NEW YORK, N.J. -- A police officer in New Jersey was rushed to the hospital after being shot Friday night.

As CBS2's Ali Bauman reports, there are still many unanswered questions about what led up to the gunfire that injured the officer.

UPDATE 6/4/22: Authorities: Suspect dead after shooting police officer in West New York, New Jersey

Officials said around 10:30 p.m. the scene was secure, but the situation was far from over. State police have now taken over this investigation and SWAT teams were still surrounding a home down the block.

As of 10:40 p.m., we know a police officer was shot in the shoulder and is expected to survive. Witnesses say at least one civilian was shot, but at this hour, we don't know his condition or how many people in all were injured.

The residential West New York neighborhood was at a standstill as dozens of heavily armed police officers shut down 59th Street by Palisade Avenue for hours.

SWAT teams surrounded one of the homes on the block as they walked in and out with guns drawn and helmets strapped again and again.

The situation began around 6 p.m.

Maria Lluveres was walking home when she heard gunshots.

"Pop pop, and immediately I went to panic, and I went home, ringing the bell really quick. My mom opened and I went home," she said.

She hid in her bathtub with the lights off for 45 minutes.

"When you hear about shooting, everything that's going on, all you're doing is panicking. It was horrendous," Lluveres said.

Alvaro Car hid outside once he saw police pull up on the block.

"I was, like, hiding in that corner right over there and I'm, like, peeping, and I see the guy, like, run out, and he's, like, shooting. And I see, like, the police officer start shooting at him. All I see is the guy, like, laying on the ground," he said.

He says the man had what looked like a handgun and was on the ground within seconds of running out.

"He was just, like, laying there, like, on the ground, and everybody, like the cops, were, like, around his body, like, pointing their guns at him," Car said.

Considering how large the police response has been, it's unusual how little information law enforcement is telling the public.  

It's unclear what the motive for this shooting was or how many gunmen were involved.

The investigation is now being taken over by state police and the Attorney General's office.

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