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WATCH: Tyrod Taylor Gets Pulled From Game By Refs For Concussion Protocol

Bryan Altman

Heading into the season the NFL was determined to enforce its new concussion protocols in order to better protect its players. However, in Week 1, the league came under intense scrutiny for the way it handled numerous hits to the head of Carolina Panthers' quarterback Cam Newton.

Newton received at least four hits to the head, only one of which were flagged and none of which resulted in any examination for Newton for a possible concussion; even after he show visible signs of being in pain after blows to the head.

In Week 2, however, referee Ed Hochuli wasted no time removing Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor from the game after he received a nasty hit to the head and noticeably grimaced on the turf before rising to his feet.

Taylor walked off incredulously and appeared to be fine once he got up, but nonetheless was forced to the sideline for a medical evaluation.

After speaking with team doctors and sitting a play out, he was able to return to the game.

Hopefully this is the start of the league, its officials and the specialized concussion spotters the league employed before last season becoming more noticeable in the interest of player safety.

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