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Crowds gather in Washington Square Park to celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility

Transgender Day of Visibility celebrated in New York, Connecticut
Transgender Day of Visibility celebrated in New York, Connecticut 01:24

NEW YORK -- Friday was Transgender Day of Visibility, and across the country, people took to the streets to celebrate.

A bird's eye view of Washington Square Park captured the huge crowd.

"There's so much power between people at a protest," one person said.

Twenty-three-year-old Mav Dauber was one of the many people sharing their stories.

"My fiancée is a trans woman. I am non-binary, I identify as they/them, and I have queer siblings," they said.

Victor Ximenez and Noah Bornhbimer live in a home for trans youth and say they feel welcome here.

"Because I don't really have a biological family to call my own, this has really become my family in the most real sense for me because they've shown up in ways that my biological family has not," Ximenez said.

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Meanwhile, it was a historic day in Connecticut. For the first time ever, the trans Pride flag flew over the state capitol.

"Trans rights are under attack all across our country," Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz said.

"I deserve every right that you have. I ask no more but to be treated as equal, to be loved and not walk outside with fear just because of identifying and being my authentic self," said public advocate and educator Ace Ricker.

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