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The Best Android Apps For New Yorkers


A while back we did a piece on the best iPhone apps for New Yorkers. It was such a big hit, we thought users of the "other" big operating system might appreciate a little fan service as well. Here it is folks: the best of the best when it comes to apps for NYC Android users. By Lawrence Bonk. (Photo: RONNY HARTMANN/AFP/Getty Images)


($9.99) This handy app is an all-purpose settings generator that changes depending on your location. You simply program in a set of variables and it will automatically change a number of settings when you enter a given location. For example: It will go silent when you enter a movie theater or do the opposite when you are at a Yankees game. It will even change the wallpaper and ring-tones depending on where you are, if you are one of those people who can't have even one reminder of your work week during the weekend.


(Free) How many bulky and random things are floating on your key-chain right now? Gym membership? Grocery Store discount card? Parking lot entrance card? The key-chain of a New Yorker is like a pointy multi-faced beast, just waiting to ruin your pocketbook or your favorite pair of pants. This app handles all of that. Install KeyRing and it will load the bar-codes on your android, so the checker can scan the code directly from your phone.


(Free) This is your standard NYC bus and subway map, but with a few bells and whistles. First of all, the maps download right to your phone so you can look at them while underground. Also, it syncs up with Google Transit to let you know when a train or bus is set to arrive. The ultimate NYC transportation buddy.


($2.99) Parking in New York can be a really, pardon my French, hard time. If only there was an android app to help streamline the process. Oh wait, there is! Primospot takes all of the guess work out of NYC parking. It allows you to view on-street free and metered parking, garages and even bike racks. You can check things out before you work to give yourself the edge against all of those other space-searching sharks. It also lets you know how long you can park there and if there are any extenuating circumstances. Note: This app also works in Boston.

Google Goggles

(Free) Google brings augmented reality to the next level with their handy Goggles app. You simply turn your camera on and the magical elves inside of your phone tell you what it is you are looking at. This is absolutely essential for the many landmarks that litter the city. It's also perfect for translating menus at restaurants, getting information about pieces of art or finding out about the wine you are drinking with brunch. It won't help you cut down on the wine at brunch though.


(Free) Groupon is doing so well lately that the company actually turned down a buy-out from Google. What's the big deal? The Web site, and in this case app, partners up with local businesses to provide great deals. That's pretty much it. Every day your android-enabled device will give you a list of the deals and you can get your savings on. It's a great resource for capturing some of the magic this city has to offer on the cheap. Eateries, yoga studios and fashion boutiques often give half-off coupons to members.


(Free) The Yelp app is useful to just about anyone who lives anywhere, but it's of particular interest to New Yorkers. Why? Because NYC is the land of a billion restaurants, for one. The Yelp app lets you read reviews on all of them in moments. Walking by a restaurant you've always wanted to try? Check it out on Yelp to see if it's worth your while. The coolest part of this app is the "monocle" functionality, which lets you access business information simply by pointing your phone's camera at it.

Did we miss any? Be sure to let us know in the comments. 

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Lawrence Bonk is a freelance writer living in Brooklyn. 
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