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Texas Makes LSU Band Sit In Stadium's Upper Deck In Ultimate College Football Troll Move

AUSTIN, Texas (CBSNewYork) – The kids are back in school and college pranks have already begun on the football field!

The University of Texas pulled out all the stops to keep LSU's fans from playing a factor in Saturday's big time showdown in Austin – literally.

In an arena that holds just over 100,000 fans, Texas allotted just 3,000 tickets for Louisiana State University, their fans, and their band.

Adding on to the home field advantage – and completing the devious troll move – every one of those tickets was in Texas Memorial Stadium's uppermost level.

Fans on twitter quickly picked up on the brutal prank and started joking about how far away the LSU musicians had been seated from the field.

To say that people watching the game on TV probably had a better seat might be an understatement.

Texas may have won the battle of gamesmanship, but it was LSU who got the last laugh. The Tigers beat Texas 45-38 in the battle between top ten teams.

Making matters worse of the Longhorns, Texas is scheduled to play LSU next year in Baton Rouge, Louisiana!

We'll have to wait and see if Texas fans spend the day at Tiger Stadium watching from the parking lot.

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