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Storm takes down trees, leads to localized flooding early Wednesday morning across NYC

Tree crashes onto car in Flatbush, Brooklyn
Tree crashes onto car in Flatbush, Brooklyn 00:44

NEW YORK -- Powerful storms passed through New York City overnight, taking down trees and leading to localized flooding. 

One tree fell onto a car around 2 a.m. Wednesday on Snyder Avenue in Flatbush, Brooklyn. 

The large tree crushed the car and took down wiring from utility poles for two blocks east to Rodgers Avenue. 

"All of a sudden, you heard crack and boom... And we found out that the tree fell onto the neighbor's car and damaged up the property. Luckily, the way the wind was blowing, it didn't fall on anybody's house, it just fell and damaged property," resident Petal Johnson said. "They felt the house shook."

Neighbors said they've complained to the city about the tree in the past. They said city workers came out after they called 311 and told them the tree was stable. 

A large tree branch also came down in the middle of the road on Staten Island. 

Emergency workers spent a portion of the morning clearing Willobrook Road in Manor Heights. 

In College Point, Queens, the roadway looked more like a river as 18th Avenue flooded. 

Reminder, turn around to avoid driving through high water so you don't get stuck. 

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