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Starbucks Debuts New Red Cup Designs For Holiday Season

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- The Starbucks red cup is back for the holiday season, with 13 different designs created by customers from across the world.

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The Seattle-based coffee giant says the designs were chosen from participants from six different countries, including Indonesia, Canada, Russia and the United States.

One design, dubbed "Holiday Lights," hails from New York City, submitted by resident Maria Lauren. The design features a string of holiday lights wrapped around Starbucks' bright red cup.

Starbucks 2016 Holiday Cups
"Holiday Lights" (Credit: Starbucks)


Other designs include images of birds and flowers, snowflakes and Christmas scenes featuring reindeer and sleighs.

Starbucks faced some criticism last year for their stripped-down version of their iconic holiday cup, with some angered over the removal of Christmas images from the coffee staple.

Pastor and social media personality Josh Feuerstein made a video that went viral – complaining that Starbucks had removed references to Christmas on their holiday cups and instead going with a plain red design with the company's green and white logo.

President-elect Donald Trump even suggested a boycott of the brand over the design.

"No more 'Merry Christmas' on Starbucks. No more," Trump told a crowd in Springfield, Illinois. "Maybe we should boycott Starbucks. I don't know. Seriously. I don't care."

According to Starbucks, the new Holiday 2016 cup designs will be available in more than 25,000 locations in 75 countries worldwide.

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