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Somers' Monologue: Steve Returns From Vacation, Schmoozes The Week That Was

NEW YORK (WFAN) -- Where has Steve Somers been?

Well, where we all wish we were last week and even right now: on vacation!

When Somers and his listeners were last together as one, schmoozing to and at each other, Penn State had 111 wins taken away.

In the week that isn't anymore, we saw the Olympics open with Team USA wearing uniforms made in China and the Yankees picking up an outfielder made in Japan.

In the week that used to be and won't be returning, the Yankees discovered their lightning rod -- A-Rod -- needs a helping hand.

While the Yankees were giving life to the Billy Beanes of Oakland and the Boston Red Sox, the Mets found new life in Arizona. That's right, we're talking about Matt Harvey.

What else did Steve miss? You'll just have to listen...

LISTEN: Steve Returns From Vacation, Recaps The Week That Was

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