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Revel In NY: Burger Expert Josh Ozersky

Produced by Scott Newman and Marc Santo

"Burger purists have a historical cast of mind. They're always walking around with a patriotic and antiquarian bent thinking about old-time, classic hamburgers, like the kind that was eaten by Wimpy and Jugghead. Burger purist aren't really fit to live in this world. There's a kind of poetic idealism to them and a sense of innocence that was lost by the American Adam."

Those are the words of Josh Ozersky, aka "Mr. Cutlets" - a James Beard Award winning food writer and cultural historian, whose books include, Meat Me in Manhattan, A Carnivore's Guide to New York, The Hamburger: A History, and Archie Bunker's America: TV in Era of Changing Times.

Revel In New York

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