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Hundreds March Through Midtown For Protest Over George Floyd's Death, Demonstrations Turn More Tense In Brooklyn

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Massive demonstrations over the death of George Floyd were once again underway across New York City on Sunday.

One group of protesters began marching from Bryant Park around 5 p.m.

Police were also quietly walking alongside the protesters as they marched down Sixth Avenue, serving as a buffer between the crowd and traffic.

Near the middle of the march, the protesters from Bryant Park unexpectedly ran into a group of protesters who had started marching from Union Square.

Cheers were heard as the groups converged, and protesters say it shows they're not alone.

"That people from all over the place feel the same way. We're all hurt, we're all tired, and we're all coming together. This is gonna happen for a change," one protester said.

"I just love seeing how everyone has come together and just come here to support one another," another protester said.

The crowd of hundreds then made its way to Times Square, where an NYPD officer was hugged by a demonstrator after taking a knee in solidarity.

Protesters eventually walked downtown and across the Manhattan Bridge to try to meet up with another group of demonstrators in Brooklyn.

There, scenes were more tense. Protesters staged a die-in the street and police cars were vandalized with graffiti.

The protests Sunday were at first mostly absent of the fires, vandalism and looting that occurred on previous nights.

Late Sunday, several demonstrators lit a fire in the middle of the street in Manhattan.

Police and protesters were also on the streets of Long Island on Sunday for peaceful demonstrations.

A long line of protesters walked along South Oyster Bay Road in the Plainview-Hicksville area. Police officers were on hand to make sure the protests moved along the sidewalks without long stops.

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