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Protesters on both sides of Israel-Gaza conflict face off again in New York City

Protests supporting both Israel and Palestinians face off in NYC
Protests supporting both Israel and Palestinians face off in NYC 02:09

NEW YORK - Tensions are flaring on the East Side, with dueling rallies over the war in Israel

Pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian supporters gathered outside the Israel consulate starting at 2 p.m. Monday. 

There were passionate pleas from both sides, speaking to New Yorkers who have relatives in both Israel and the Palestinian territories. 

The NYPD stepped up security to make sure things didn't get out of hand. 

Divided by 42nd Street, on one side of Second Avenue, were people supporting the Palestinians. 

"I'm here today to show solidarity to the Palestinians," Flushing resident Saif Eldilemi said. 

On the other side of 42nd Street were people supporting Israel. 

"I'm not Jewish but I will always support the Jewish people," Westfield, N.J. resident John McWiggin said. 

Yael Udi brought her two little boys. 

"I'm just afraid for my family. Whatever happened is just inhumane, and I'm here to support," Udi said. "My friend's niece, she has been kidnapped. They do not know her whereabouts. She was in that party and they're still looking for her."

Nas Shuaib of East Elmhurst is standing with the Palestinians. He said it's bad on both sides. 

"In the West Bank, I have relatives, and our village is on lockdown, and the settlers are going house to house attacking our people," Shuaib said. "The United states has to stay out of the conflict, unless they're going to do a peaceful negotiation." 

Flying over the hundreds of protesters was an NYPD drone, ready to disseminate audio messages, and give law enforcement another eye. 

"I can't be there to fight. I can't be there to support people right now. The least I can do is to be here in a rally," Upper West Side resident Judy Oppenheim said. 

"What brought me to this rally is wanting a two state solution where Palestinians and Israelis can have humanity and live peacefully," Brooklyn resident Ava Marron said. 

So far, there have been no arrests. 

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