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Peregrine falcon chicks on top of Gov. Cuomo Bridge now have names. Meet "Beakoncé" and her siblings

Peregrine falcon chicks on top of Gov. Cuomo Bridge now have names!
Peregrine falcon chicks on top of Gov. Cuomo Bridge now have names! 02:03

EASTCHESTER, N.Y. -- Hundreds of thousands of people weighed in and the results are now in for the naming of the Peregrine falcon chicks that hatched on top of the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge.

The top winner is a namesake, with a creative twist, thought up by a group of third graders.

Isabella Polanco of Scarsdale knows all the words to Beyoncé's latest hit "Texas Hold 'Em," so it's no surprise the 9-year-old super fan and her classmate, Oliver Cole, thought of the icon when entering the contest.

"I was like, I don't think we are going to win," Isabella said.

But they're creative name, "Beakoncé," soared to the top of the list, winning with 26% of the vote. The other three are now named "Estrella," "Taylor Swoop" and "Jet."

Four peregrine falcon chicks in a nest box.
Four peregrine falcon chicks hatched in a nest box on the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, and a contest was held to name them. New York Thruway Authority

More than 100 entries were submitted by elementary school students across Rockland and Westchester counties and nearly 200,000 votes were counted.

"I have never experience something like this," Isabella said.

So how did the students come up with "Beakoncé?"

It was a group effort. Both students are in the same third grade class at Greenvale Elementary School in Eastchester. They say after learning about the falcons in school the class agreed with the two students' idea to compare the birds' top traits with Beyoncé's.

"She has a strong voice, like the falcons have a strong beak, and we thought the two went together," Oliver said.

Their co-teachers and principal are proud.

"It gave them the opportunity to feel a part of something that is not in there everyday, ordinary lives," teacher Lauren Ingram said.

"That really brings us together and give us that feeling of a family," said Joanna Napolitano, principal of Greenvale Elementary. "The whole school rallied around this third-grade class."

As for a prize for coming up with such a unique name that the majority of people loved, Oliver said, "Are we going to get something special? Are we going to have extra recess or anything?"

In the coming weeks, a certified falconer will visit the class and the bridge will be lit in their school's colors.

But there is one ultimate prize the kids really wish they could win -- a visit from Beyoncé at their school.

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