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19-year-old taken into custody after police shoot gunman in Brooklyn

19-year-old taken into custody after police shoot gunman in Brooklyn
19-year-old taken into custody after police shoot gunman in Brooklyn 03:07

NEW YORK -- CBS New York has learned new details about the investigation into a deadly shooting by police in Brooklyn.

Police said officers shot and killed a 20-year-old man on Monday night in East Flatbush after he was chasing people while shooting at them.

The NYPD said Tuesday morning it has a 19-year-old man in custody, adding investigators believe that man robbed the 20-year-old. The 19-year-old was arrested due to his involvement in an unrelated case in Brownsville. 

Charges in Monday's incident are pending.

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NYPD officers kill man seen shooting at people in Brooklyn 02:50

CBS New York has obtained new surveillance video of the shooting on 57th Street and Remsen Avenue. The door-cam footage shows the chaotic moments when officers shoot a gunman they say fired shots at two people while chasing them. The gunman later died at the hospital.

"I was upstairs and we heard gunshots. The first thing is we moved the kids away from the window," said neighbor Nasonial Enerberg, who provided the video.

Enerberg said he saw the whole encounter from his upstairs bedroom window.

"I saw the police were shooting a guy and I looked at the footage and I saw that right before that there was this same guy, who they shot, was chasing two people," Enerberg said.

His car parked in the driveway has a punctured tire due to at least one of the fired bullets.

Police said the two people the gunman was going after were not injured, but a 60-year-old innocent bystander was shot twice, in the arm and in the stomach. He's expected to survive.

NYPD update after officers kill gunman in Brooklyn 04:07

"Unfortunately, the victims, which nobody is speaking of, are the people in our community," community advocate Tony Herbert said.

On Tuesday morning, Herbert spoke out against gun violence he says continues to plague the neighborhood.

"If we change the mandatory minimums with regards to the possession of illegal firearms. Right now, police officers are arresting the individuals. They get them into the precincts. By the time they're finishing their reports, these guys are already out the door," Herbert said.

Police were still combing the area Tuesday for evidence and trying to put the pieces together.

The identity of the suspect who was killed has not been released.

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