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New protections take effect for New York City's food delivery workers: "We work just as hard as everybody else"

New food delivery worker protections take effect in NYC 01:51

NEW YORK -- New rights took effect Friday for food-app delivery workers in New York City

The people who bring us restaurant meals and other items fought for better working conditions

As CBS2's Elijah Westbrook reported, Hell's Kitchen's popular Empanada Mama opened Friday as it usually does, greeting hungry customers with music and the smell of their city-famous empanadas. But just outside the restaurant, he caught up with Andrew Rivera, a delivery app worker picking up his first order of the day.

"This will be something that will impact my life," Rivera said.

He said the changes will make his job much easier and, ultimately, safer when taking on orders. 

"Sometimes I get an order that's two blocks up, and sometimes I'll get an order that's for $5 that's 4 miles away," he explained. "So what you were saying about the pay does fall in effect. That's probably the main challenge -- distance and weather."  

As it stands, food delivery workers will be able to set the distance they're willing to travel for an order. Apps must now give details before a person accepts a job, including the address, distance, pay and tip. They must also pay at least once a week. 

These are considered major steps in the right direction for Rivera. 

"Workers now know how much they get paid, how much is tips, how much did the company get paid, how much hours did they put in," said Hidalyn Colon, a spokesperson for the union representing many of the workers. "That information didn't exist."

These unresolved issues are finally coming to a close for the more than 65,000 food delivery workers in the city, a first of its kind in the country. 

"These are changes that are well needed, because us as a biking community, we work really hard and we work just as hard as everybody else," Rivera said. 

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