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Nor'easter Leaves Some Area Roads Pockmarked With Potholes

NEWARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- The nor'easter this week left behind a huge mess in the Tri-State Area that could take a while to clean up, particularly on the roads.

As CBS2's Tracee Carrasco reported, potholes have been ruining tires in some areas since the storm blasted through.

"I was driving home from work, got a flat tire from a pothole," said Adam Shellenberger.

The tire of Shellenberger's car was the nor'easter's latest casualty. It was taken out by a pothole somewhere along Route 4 westbound.

"I've hit like half a dozen potholes today, but I mean, apparently, one of them got me good," he said.

During the morning commute, cellphone video was taken on the side of Route 78 westbound near Exit 14 by a driver with the same fate. The pothole there was to blame for at least a dozen flat tires.

On the eastbound side, near Route 24, it happened to several more cars. And Andrew Geiger of Bergen Brookside Auto Body &Towing said it is just the beginning.

"The rain is seeping into the cracks on the roads, so the next big freeze we get, that's when you're going to start seeing them," Geiger said.

The storm is not only wreaking havoc for commuters. On Long Island, Drone Force 2 flew over flooding brought in by hide tide in south shore neighborhoods.

"It's really incredible that water levels have risen again," said Kristen Shaw of Babylon. "Everyone is very concerned."

There was a similar scene in Sea Bright on the Jersey Shore, where sewers had trouble keeping up with the rain.

The powerful tides also leaving behind a major drop in Ortley Beach, with the temporary protective berm completely eaten away.

"No significant structural damage to any homes or infrastructures, and that is key," said William Dixon, director of the Division of Coastal Engineering for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

However, Rosalie Plevrites on Staten Island wasn't so lucky. On Monday night, a tree came crashing down onto the vaulted ceiling of her master suite -- first hitting her car before collapsing one side of the roof.

It left behind a mess to clean up.

"The impact was quite startling," Plevrites said. "It hits you later as to what could have been."

Late Tuesday, crews were out on Route 78 repairing some of the potholes. But more are likely to pop up in the days to come.

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